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March 21, 2008

Easter Party 08!

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Hey Everyone today is the Easter party 2008! You have to find all the eggs and you win The Green Bunny Ears. I wont tell you the exact location of the eggs  i will just say what room the egg is in so you can have a bit of fun finding it ~ Acebrett

March 14, 2008

St Patricks Day Party!

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Hello everybody!
The St Patricks Day Party has finally arrived! The item is a Large St Patricks Hat and the new pin in in the Boiler room.
I also think that the Dance Club is the best decorated room ~ Jabteam

March 2, 2008

Aqua Grabber Pin!

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Hello everyone the new pin is the Aqua grabber pin and is at the pool! And the fishing lures have been released, But Acebrett is banned forever can you please email cp to unban him thanks – Jabteam

February 26, 2008

The month of March

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Well it looks like march is gonna be a BIG month for Club Penguin, Heres what March has to offer:
  • TWO Awesome Parties!

  • A Brand New Game!

  • A Sport Shop catalog Update with a new Game Upgrade!

  • A Scavenger Hunt

Well Looks like March is going to be a blast! 😀 Here is the sneak peek for one of the March Parties – Jabteam

February 20, 2008

Aqua Grabber

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There is a new game at the iceberg and its called Aqua Grabber its a bit hard but you get use to it and if you collect all of rockhoppers ship parts you get a special pin The Golden Ship Wheel Pin!. Try out the new game today 😉 – Jabteam

February 15, 2008

Sub-Marine party

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The new party is the underwater party and there are 2 free items, The Seashell belt and The Yellow Snorkels. The new pin is at the Cove and a poll is going on for the name of the new invention. My favourite room is the Pizza parlour, Whats yours? – Jabteam

February 9, 2008

Mining hats!

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The mining hats have been released (again) and can be found at the iceberg. Also at the iceberg the save the migrator project is under way 🙂 – Jabteam

February 1, 2008

Rowboat pin

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The new pin is the Rowboat pin and is located in the lighthouse ~Ace

January 23, 2008


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Rockhopper is here and with him he has brought some life vests they can be obtained at the Beach – Jabteam

January 19, 2008

Winter Fiesta

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The Winter Fiesta is a really good party with a lot of well decorated rooms(My favourite room is the Coffee shop.) the free item is a pair of festive maracas and the pin can be obtained by breaking the pinata in the forest – Acebrett


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